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國立屏東科技大學 獸醫教學醫院


Notes to NPUSTAH quarantine owner



Owner should read the following items carefully to avoid against rules.  



1. 為了寵物的安全,請將疾病及特殊心理狀況詳細告訴獸醫師。

Be sure to notice the veterinarian about any special conditions (mental and physical) of your pet.


2. 若動物有特殊需要,例如墊毯、玩具、寵物點心等,可由家屬自行購買後交由檢疫舍照顧人員幫忙處理。

Owners could leave toys, food and snake for the quarantine.


3. 檢疫期間飲食起居都有專人照顧,動物發生任何問題皆會通知家屬。

NPUSTAH support close medical care during the quarantine. If there are any problems during the quarantine, we will inform the owner and ask for his/her consent before further  treatment.


4. 檢疫期間每日餵食兩次,如有特殊情況可告知檢疫獸醫師。

Feeding treats would be provided twice a day. If your pet is an exception, please inform the veterinarian in advance.


5. 以國內人畜安全為前提,本院將依人道精神及專業態度看管照顧隔離犬貓。

All the procedures and rules in this area are to ensure the welfare of the quarantined animals without endangering the safety of people and animals of our country.



Visiting is prohibited during quarantine unless advance reservations.



The visit time might be permitted at 10:00-11:00 on Monday and Thursday in weekdays only (up to the condition of Quarantine).


8. 探視檢疫犬貓需更換指定之防護衣,並將攝影及通訊器材置於準備室。

Clothes must be changed while visiting, photography and communications equipment must be placed in the preparation room.



Bathing and pet grooming are not provided during quarantine.


10. 其他非相關人員不得進入檢疫舍,亦禁止攜入其他動物。

People not related to quarantine are not allowed to enter the quarantine area.

Besides,it prohibits carrying any animals into the station.


11. 提領動物需本人親自辦理,如為代顉,則需出具委託書。

The owner must take his/her pet home personally in the end of quarantine. The commission signed by the owner is required if he/her authorized someone else to take charge.


12. 檢疫期間及結束後,工作人員禁止收受禮物禮金。

Prohibit the personal gift (including money and goods) to the managers during and after the quarantine.